Rocking Out

Originally, this was going to be an article where I count down my favorites with regards to one extremely important aspect of the MegaMan series at large. No, not the various weapons, I’m talking about the music, of course. But as I mentioned last month, I’m incredibly hyped over the fact that MegaMan has finally made it into a Smash Bros. game. While I was coming up with ideas for said countdown article, I end up thinking to myself, well Brawl had multiple songs per stage and we already know that MegaMan’s got his own stage: the classic Skull Castle from MM2. So why not just come up with a list of songs from each game I’d like to see make an appearance in the upcoming Smash, as well as ones I think are the most likely to make it in. Of course, I’m going to be leaving out MegaMan 2 for obvious reasons: I mean, all the songs that played during his reveal trailer were FROM MM2. So without further ado, onto my list.

MegaMan 1: my own personal choice of the game that started it all would have to be the theme from FireMan’s stage. A classic, upbeat rhythm that gets quite a bit of love when it comes to fan remixes. The most likely song, on the other hand, is a no-brainer: CutMan’s theme. It’s probably one of the most iconic MegaMan Classic songs that didn’t originate in the second game. Besides, there are plenty of remixes officially made by Capcom for that one, so it’s already good to go.

MegaMan 3: Next up, what is perhaps my favorite of the original NES MM titles. I’ll be honest, this one was pretty hard to pick, I love the majority of the soundtrack to this one. But after careful soul searching, I decided to go with the ending theme, sometimes referred to as “ProtoMan’s Whistle Concert“. My gut tells me that Nintendo or Capcom or whoever it is that decides the music will end up going with SnakeMan’s theme, just due to how popular it appears to be when it comes to remixes, both officially commissioned or fan-made.

MegaMan 4: As we finally leave the golden era of the NES MegaMan (let alone the Classic franchise as a whole), some of the songs I’ll start mention will sound a little obscure to some of you. No worries though, I’ll be sure to give you enough context. My choice from this particular game would have to be the second theme from Dr. Cossack’s Citadel, the one that appears in the third and fourth stages of that particular fortress. It’s upbeat and fairly popular, so it sounds perfect for the Smash Bros. environment. I think the theme associated with the game’s final boss, the Wily Capsule, is still a more likely choice from the staff itself however.

MegaMan 5: As with MM3, I love this game’s soundtrack so much that picking a single song that I’d want to see in Smash was incredibly difficult. I love the majority of the soundtrack from this one and I definitely think it’s underrated. But when it came right down to it, I had to go with GravityMan’s theme, as it’s probably my favorite song out of the entire game. The staff pick, on the other hand, was literally the easiest one I’ve had to make for this entire article: ProtoMan’s Fortress. Seriously, this song gets so much attention these days, I’ve since labelled it “MM2 Wily Stage 1 for hipsters”. Which is ironic, because I really liked this song even before it became popular.

MegaMan 6: MM6, on the other hand, has the opposite issue with me: I couldn’t really think up any good songs right off the bat. I’d ended up settling on KnightMan’s theme, just because it’s a pretty good song for a game like Smash Bros. I also had trouble determining the staff pick, but I think the song from the Mr. X’s Fortress stages is probably the most popular song in the game, but who can really say?

MegaMan 7: Oddly enough, this one was probably the easiest to come up with because both of my choices are the same exact song: the theme from the Intro Stage at the beginning of the game. I mean, it’s a pretty rocking tune and it even managed to show up in the Japanese commercial for this particular game.

MegaMan 8: This one was probably the most difficult to determine just based on the nature of the soundtrack itself is quite different from those of the other games, going for a more ambient sound over the catchy tunes that tend to appear in other MegaMan games. So I just went for my favortie track out of the entire game: FrostMan’s stage. As for the staff pick, it’s hard to say, either the first or second stage of Wily Tower. Both of those appear to be fairly popular.

MegaMan & Bass: The odd duck of the mainline MegaMan Classic series, though for the longest time, people dubbed it “MegaMan 9”. (Fun fact: according to decompiled ROMs, the game’s working title was actually “Rockman 8.5”. Nifty, huh?) Anyway, my pick for this particular game would have to be the theme from the King Fortress stages. But let’s face it, the obvious staff pick has to be the Robot Museum, just based on its popularity compared to every other song in the game.

MegaMan 9: The REAL MegaMan 9. I was kinda disappointed not to see any weapons from this game in MegaMan’s Smash debut trailer. As much as I like the majority of the game’s soundtrack, none of my preferred tunes really fit all that well with Smash’s gameplay, so I just decided to go with the theme from the Endless Stage mode, “Maze of Death“. But the obvious pick has got to be TornadoMan’s theme, “Thunder Tornado“. I mean, it was in the trailer. Maybe throw in the Title Screen jingle to make it the full medley from the announcement trailer.

MegaMan 10: And now we come to the final mainline Classic series title…well, at this point anyway. And as with 7, there’s only one clear choice, both in my own personal opinion and the likeliest song to be in overall: Nitro Rider, NitroMan’s theme. Again, this one was in MM10’s debut trailer and frankly, it’s a really awesome song.

Sure, those are the main games in the MegaMan series, but let’s face it, there’s way more where that came from. Case in point, my beloved MegaMan V for the Game Boy. I’d love it if they used the Final Boss theme, you know, the Sunstar fight. I’d also love it if they used the fourth stage theme from the Wily Tower scenario in MegaMan: The Wily Wars.

Then again, who’s to say that Classic should get all of the representation when it comes to the music in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS? I mean, I’m sure all of the fans of the MegaMan X games would love to see some kind of representation in Smash Bros. So why not just throw in the Intro Stage theme from the first game in that series? Hell, you could even technically even call that a song from the Classic series. Or why not throw in some variant of the main theme from the Battle Network series? That particular series had quite an impressive Japanese fanbase in its heyday.

I’d honestly also like to see a couple of songs that, while they aren’t really associated with any mainline Classic games, they are totally indicitive of the Blue Bomber’s previous appearances in fighting games, one way or another. First off, there’s “Kaze Yo Tsutaete“, which loosely translates to “Winds, Let Him Know” or “Wind, Carry My Words” (I don’t speak Japanese, and I’ve seen both translations used) but otherwise referred to as “Where the Wind Blows” in English. This was the theme associated with Roll in her appearances in both the Marvel vs. Capcom and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom games, though it actually originated in Rockman: Battle and Chase. I don’t know exactly which version they’d end up using, but I’m quite partial to the original version, and there’s even an off-vocal version of that lying around, so you wouldn’t even have to worry about scaring off those people who hate Japanese lyrics in games sold internationally (I’m guessing these people still exist, judging by Project X Zone’s North American release). And as I said before, if the idea of using songs from other franchises aren’t barred, I’m sure many people would appreciate including “Flutter vs. the Gesellschaft” as well. Used by both MegaMan Volnutt in the original Japanese-exclusive version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Tron Bonne in both versions of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, as well as various other crossovers.

Oh what the hell, I guess I’ll pick a song from the second MegaMan game after all. Chances are the entire soundtrack will be dominated by them anyway. Might as well just go with the flow. It’s hard to say honestly, Crashman’s theme is probably my favorite song in the entire game, but it doesn’t really fit so well with the game’s mood. I guess Heatman would probably be my choice on this one. Also, I guess if they want to cram in songs from other franchises (which Brawl did more than a couple times anyway), technically, you could throw in the “Haunted Graveyard” theme from Ghosts ‘n Goblins/Ghouls ‘n Ghosts/etc. You know, the theme from the first stage in every single game? After all, it did show up as a bonus alternate theme for Shademan’s stage in MM7.

Of course, that’s not to say that all, or any, of my choices are actually correct. They’re just predictions and I guess even the best predictions can be proven wrong. Either way, I’m hoping to see a lot of Blue Bomber representation when it comes to the next Smash Bros. game’s soundtrack.

[P.S. I apologize in advance if any of the links I have listed in this article have been taken down by the time you read this. Chances are, you can probably find the majority of these tracks just by typing their titles or descriptions into Youtube’s search function or by going to the Music Archive on The Mega Man Network.]

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