Retronaissance’s Most Anticipated Games of 2017

SNES Master KI

Well, 2016 is almost over, and while there were some great games released, I mainly just want this year to end and to focus on the future (or gaming’s future, anyway).  Thankfully, 2017 in gaming fills me with a sense of true optimism (as opposed to forced hope) that I haven’t had in a long time, lots of series that haven’t had an entry (or a satisfying entry) in years are returning and while Nintendo has a lot less representation on this list than my ones from previous years, things should Switch on that front very early in the year.  So, let’s hurry up and get our focus to the new year.  I’ve decided to handle games from previous lists that got hit by delays with a rule that games can only appear on my lists twice, so Zelda won’t be showing up this time.  Let’s get this started!

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SNES: 25 Years, 25 Games

Recently, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System turned 25 years old in North America. Generally considered one of the best all-time consoles, the SNES’s library boasts many amazing titles. So, inspired by a list made by the staff at Game Informer, here are multiple opinions on the top 25 Super Nintendo games of all-time. I asked two other people to give their thoughts, as well as supplying some of my own.

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